Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome to Haiku Attack!

I saw myself smile
while peering at a raindrop
hanging from a leaf

Greetings and salutations web-travelers, and welcome to Haiku Attack!

Tomorrow, I am told, marks the historically agreed upon (if arbitrarily chosen) "first day of the new year," traditionally a time of promises, guarantees, warranties, resolutions and so forth. In anticipation of this glorious and meaningfulish event, I've decided to begin an ambitious new project designed to give my already robust life new, more, better meaning. Here's how it will work:

As you must already have discovered by reading the title of this blog, the weird, wonderful world of HAIKUs will be the central theme here- specifically, I plan to share at least one such 3-lined ditty a day for the next calendar year (*note: this is not a clock year or a a sundial year- I just have no idea what those are.)

Perhaps just as importantly, I invite you all, my vast and talented readers and friends, to share your own haikus back at me each day creating a cyber-dynamic give-and-take, an internet-tete-a-tete, if you will, of epic poetical proportions. Can't you just taste the collaborative magnificence? I know I can!

Click "Follow this Blog" now to get daily haiku updates and stay tuned for more special projects you can get in on. I hate doing this shit alone!

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